Virtual Mobility

International students can participate in the PUCRS Virtual Mobility Program. Every semester we offer several options for undergraduate, graduate and extension courses will be offered. It is an opportunity to study an additional language, get in touch with new cultures and internationalize the curriculum.

The eligibility to participate in virtual mobility at PUCRS is conditioned to students being enrolled in one of PUCRS’ partner universities or participants in the eMOVIES and the Americarum Mobilitas programs. The courses will be delivered entirely online, by the highly qualified faculty of our University.


The Espaço de Mobilidade Virtual no Ensino Superior (eMOVIES) is an initiative by Organização Universitária Interamericana (OUI), offering participating higher education institutions an alternative to traditional mobility models to promote academic exchange in higher education. These possibilities give students the opportunity to take courses offered remotely by other OUI member institutions. 

Check out the available courses in the eMOVIES program for 2021/2 

Consulta los cursos y asignaturas disponibles en el programa EMOVIES para 2021/2

Americarum Mobilitas

The Americarum Mobilitas consists of an online student mobility platform involving member institutions of the Organización de Universidades Católicas de América Latina y el Caribe (ODUCAL) that joined the program. The program is intended to promote and facilitate student mobility within Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Check out the available courses in the Americarum program for 2021/2

Consulta los cursos y asignaturas disponibles en el programa Americarum para 2021/2

Partner institutions

The General Virtual Mobility Program allows students to enroll in undergraduate and graduate courses online at PUCRS. The student must be regularly enrolled in a partner university.

Check out the available courses in the General program for 2021/2

Consulta los cursos y asignaturas disponibles en el programa General para 2021/2

Consulte as disciplinas disponíveis para o Programa Geral em 2021/2

Students who are interested in joining the virtual mobility program should contact the International Office of their home university to find out more about the selection process. If you have any questions about the program or the University, please contact us at [email protected]

Research Opportunities for International Students

International students looking for professional experience in their academic areas can now enjoy different opportunities at PUCRS’ laboratories, groups and research centers. The Research Opportunities Program has been attracting students from all over the world. Now PUCRS is offering opportunities online for students interested in joining projects from their home country. For any futher information about the program, contact us: [email protected]

Check out the available remote opportunities for 2021