A university must be guided by the constant pursuit of excellence. This motivating factor must permeate academic actions in order for an institution to achieve the highest levels of quality. Permanent attention must be given to the institution’s economic and financial integrity, in view of the maintenance of the institutional mission and the institution per se. As stated by UNESCO, at no time in history has the role of universities been so essential to social, cultural, environmental and economic development of the society they are inserted. A modern university must fulfill this role with excellence by responding to the needs of the society of knowledge.


Strategic Goal: Institutional Significance through Academic Excellence
This goal finds its roots in the principles of Education of Excellence. It can be noticed in the university’s academic excellence, anchored in the generation of knowledge within the premises of the institution. It relates to national and international assessment processes. At the local level, it relates to the offer of unique opportunities for development which may not be seen in other academic environments. It shows the pioneering role of the educational processes and the connection between knowledge and levels of education as well as a significant position achieved by the institution in terms of reputation and value.