Academic Mobility

Every semester, PUCRS opens its doors to students from partner universities from all around the globe. The Academic Mobility Program is open for international students for 1 or 2 scholastic semesters and the credits can be transferred to their home institution.

International students advance the internationalization of the Campus and this allows PUCRS students to come into contact with different cultures and languages. Integration activities have been developed throughout the semester so that these students can enjoy their academic experience in Brazil to the fullest.

At the end of their mobility period, PUCRS will send the students’ home institution an Academic Transcript presenting all courses and credits completed as well as the grades according to the Brazilian grading system. Short-term incoming mobility programs are also available at PUCRS, in an effort to strengthen the professional training as well as technical and sociocultural development. In this regard, academic mobility programs both during the academic semester and during school break, which are shorter than an academic semester, are options for students.