Office for International Cooperation

The Office for International Cooperation, directly accountable to the Office of the President, is the point of contact for institutions interested in creating connections with PUCRS. The office is firmly committed to international cooperation for joint actions of research and development for the benefit of the organizations involved and the societies they are a part of. The office is a strategic component of the University in the area of internationalization as it is responsible for international visits, agreements, institutional translations, academic mobility and new business and negotiations.


Cooperation with other countries

A PUCRS has international cooperation with the following countries: Germany, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Korea, Ecuador, Spain, USA, Russia, Philippines, Finland, France, Netherlands, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Mozambique, Puerto Rico, Portugal, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay and the Vatican.

Contact the Office for International Cooperation

Av. Ipiranga, 6681
Building 1 – Room 110
Porto Alegre/RS - Brazil - CEP 90619-900
Phone: +55 (51) 3320-3660 /Fax: +55 (51) 3320-3885