University Structure

PUCRS offers a complete infrastructure for teaching, research and extension, which includes laboratories and centers for research, culture, environmental conservation and technology, a distinguished interdisciplinary complex, a distance education department and specialized student services.

Moreover, on campus, students, professors, administrative personnel and visitors have at their disposal various services such as restaurants, snack bars, banks, a post office, a beauty salon, drug stores, bookstores, the University Church, an optical store, a clothing store, a travel and tourism agency and a gym, among others.


Overview of the Campus - Porto Alegre

Overview of the Campus – Porto Alegre

The Campus of the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) is located on Ipiranga Avenue, one of the busiest roads in Porto Alegre, in the Partenon area. It is located 20 minutes away from Salgado Filho Airport and 15 minutes away from downtown Porto Alegre.

Sitting in an area of 55 ha, the university complex offers a wide range of conveniences to the academic community and to visitors. With a large wooded area and many landscape features, it offers plenty of shade and pleasant spaces for study, recreation, and interaction.

Many facilities are available for those visiting the Campus, including restaurants, stores, banks, sports (Sports Park) and leisure activities, including the Science and Technology Museum, the world’s fifth largest in terms of interactive resources.

The University’s comprehensive infrastructure serves its students and staff. Its built area of 566,000 m², consists of the entire Main Campus, 8 Academic Schools, 5 institutes, 3 complementary units and a library. 55 undergraduate degrees are available. The Center for Continuing Education offers more than 500 training programs, including extension and specialization programs. The University also offers 22 Master’s degree programs and 22 Doctoral programs.