Events Center

cepucrsIn Building 41, you will find a Convenience Center with shops, bookstores, beauty salon, ATMs, drugstore, and snack bar. The Events Center is located in the same building. Carefully planned to meet the demands of the 21st century, PUCRS Events Center is a functional and easily adaptable space for all sorts of events. In addition to fixed, ready-to-use spaces, modular areas may be configured in multiple ways, adapting to large, medium and small events, promoted either concurrently or independently. PUCRS Events Center has the mark of refinement associated with comfort and simplicity, meeting all requirements for the success of your event.

On the fourth floor of building 41, you will find the Panorama Gastronômico Restaurant, which is a reference in Porto Alegre, with a capacity of 600 seats.

Other facilities, such as snack bars and restaurants, are available in most buildings on Campus. The University Dining (RU), in building 3, offers meals at a special rate for the academic community.