International Relations

Internationalization is the means through which we can improve the quality of the university. It permeates the university in its entirety, as it is present in several connections and opportunities, in order to promote a global perspective, diversity, international experience and intercultural competence to its community.

Internationalization is an institutional priority at PUCRS, and its main goals have been disclosed in the PUCRS Strategic Plan 2011-2015 and the present PUCRS Strategic Plan 2016-2022.


Strategic Goal: Promotion of Internationalization and Interculturalism.
This guideline translates PUCRS’ plan to have global representation and the consequent need to promote exchanges between the different cultures to be found in the country and abroad. By sharing diversity, international experiences and the respect to peoples, we can promote socialization and appreciation of people, thus facilitating the insertion of the university in multiple contexts as well as the construction of a more humanized and fraternal society.