Study at PUCRS

Located in Porto Alegre, the southernmost capital city in Brazil, the PUCRS campus offers a true university experience in an environment that fosters learning and growth, combining extensive and modern facilities with highly qualified Schools.

PUCRS is a reference center in higher education and research in the country and worldwide. PUCRS’ campus covers over 135 acres in eastern Porto Alegre, with a complete infrastructure allowing it to serve 29,000 students, 1,300 professors, and over 2,000 administrative officers.

The university has high-level professors and researchers, as well as a complete infrastructure for teaching, research and community activities, including modern labs, research centers, cultural centers, environmental conservation and technology centers, a science and technology park, a distinguished interdisciplinary complex, online education facilities, and a range of student services.

PUCRS’ campus provides everything a great university is expected to provide. In an easily accessible location, PUCRS is a bustling society where thousands of people circulate daily. It is a living environment, growing harmoniously in size, complexity and quality, while seeking to disseminate knowledge and address social development needs.