Courses in English

In an effort to assist in the adaptation of our international students in view of the internationalization of our academic community, PUCRS is proud to offer some courses entirely delivered in English. These courses will give students will have the chance to meet international and local students who wish to improve their language skills.

Check out the courses that will be offered entirely in English next semester

More information about the courses: [email protected]

Courses Offered only in Portuguese

Undergraduate courses taught in Portuguese are offered in different programs, and bring theory and practice together for the student’s professional development. Check out the courses that are offered by PUCRS:

Undergraduate programs

Graduate programs

Portuguese Classes

PUCRS offers regular classes in Portuguese for Foreigners so that exchange students can improve their Portuguese language skills while studying in Brazil. For undergraduate and graduate students these classes are worth 4 credits (60 class hours) and deal with both language and cultural aspects.

Intensive Portuguese for Foreigners Course
PUCRS offers an intensive Portuguese language course for foreign students before they begin their undergraduate or graduate studies at the University.

Morning sessions are held at the language laboratories of the School of Letters. Afternoon sessions include cultural and informal social activities both within and outside the University. The goal is to help students adapt to PUCRS and the city of Porto Alegre and give them the opportunity to learn more about local culture.

Short Term

International students can come to PUCRS only to carry out research activities in the laboratories. The international students will be monitored by graduate students and will be supervised by PUCRS professors. Students do not need to speak Portuguese and they can choose the length of the exchange program.

How to proceed:
1. Choose which lab you would like to do research activities. The offers can be found in the Catalog of Research PUCRS

2. Fill in the application form for the Short Term Mobility Program in Documentation

3. The application form should be signed by the Academic Advisor of the home university. When there is a bilateral agreement between the two institutions, the form should also be signed by the International Student Exchange Coordinator of the home university.

4. The application form must be sent to [email protected] not later than 90 days before the beginning of the exchange program.