In the area of Innovation, the University also relies on Inovapucrs – Network of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of PUCRS. It embraces the following structures: Science and Technology Park (Tecnopuc);  Idear – Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Entrepreneurship and Innovation , underlying and encouraging innovative and entrepreneurial actions;  Ideia – Center for Scientific and Technological Support, providing scientific and technological support to different academic areas of the university, Tecnopuc businesses and the society as a whole; o Tecnopuc Startups – Startup Development Agency , whose goal is to encourage and enforce the entrepreneurial vision of the PUCRS community; the  Project Management and Negotiation team, a team that serves as a facilitator in the relationship University-Businesses-Government; the Innovation Center, a partnership with Microsoft, which is intended to expedite the use of new technologies and develop training programs; and the  Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer team, which is responsible for running the University’s intellectual property. (All websites are in Portuguese)