Continuing Education

Currently, there is a constant need to seek professional development so that the knowledge we gain can contribute to building a just and less unequal society. Continuing Education at PUCRS offers over 400 extension, graduate (specialization), and complementary studies programs, which are known as additional certification.

PUCRS also offers the opportunity to take individual courses in its undergraduate programs to graduates from any higher education institution recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture. PUCRS’ Continuing Education is inspired by the motto “always learning”, to develop new and innovative educational tools for individuals and organizations.

PUCRS Center for Continuing Education (EDUCON) is the division responsible for centralizing the offer of Specialization, Extension (short-term) and Sequential courses at the University. Over 400 courses are offered, including Specialization, Extension and Additional Certification. Besides, PUCRS allows graduates of higher education institutions to take single courses in its undergraduate programs.
It aims at professional updating, deepening knowledge and technical skills, extending the network
of professional and academic relationships, developing new competences and opportunities of professional practice.


Extension Courses

PUCRS offers a variety of extension courses for continuous updating, citizenship development and curriculum vitae enhancement of university affiliates and the general public. They are offered in on-campus and distance-learning modalities, with short and medium durations and covering various areas of knowledge.


Specialization and MBA

PUCRS’ specialization courses at the graduate level are offered to candidates with higher education and have a technical-professional focus, with a minimum of 360 class-hours. Over a hundred business and specialization courses offered at PUCRS cover every area of knowledge and are aimed especially at professionals who work in competitive areas, providing them with valuable skills for the job market.


LEXIS Center of Languages

LEXIS – The Language Center at PUCRS, aims at promoting linguistic and cultural development in foreign languages (German, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese and Spanish) as well as Portuguese for Foreigners, LIBRAS, Vernacular Portuguese and Creative Writing for the PUCRS community and surrounding regions. There is also a variety of services offered according to the needs of every client (linguistic consulting, translation, proofreading and editing, certificates and exam preparation). LEXIS relies on the expertise of professors from the School of Letters at PUCRS and aims to adhere to the principle of internationalization proposed in the strategic plan of the University.
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PUCRS Virtual

PUCRS Virtual is a building complex with qualified personnel and state-of-art technology to support, organize and supervise e-learning activities at the university. Several projects are developed based on innovative pedagogy, using a flexible framework of services and methodological approaches. An interdisciplinary team helps PUCRS faculty members to use the most advanced e-learning resources for their students in undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs.