Research opportunities

The Institutional Project of Internationalization of PUCRS, in application for Call 41/2017 – Capes/PrInt, is intended to develop and incorporate international perspectives into the University’s Graduate Programs and Research, with an eye to academic excellence and effective actions for society’s global issues. PUCRS offers several programs for international researchers to come in order to develop international cooperation projects.

  • The University has defined five strategic themes in the Institutional Plan of Internationalization:
  • Health in Human Development
  • World in Motion: Individuals and Society
  • Humanism
  • Education and Culture in the Age of Interconnectivity
  • Technology and Biodiversity: Sustainability, Energy and Environment
  • Technological Innovations for a Dynamic and Interconnected World

These themes are in line with the main research and innovation areas, which have been previously set forth by the University and which will tackle complex issues of our society. Among them, the University has set forth three priority areas for the development of the Institutional Project of Internationalization.

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