When is the deadline to apply for the Academic Mobility Program - Bilateral Agreements at PUCRS?

For the semester that starts in March, applications must be submitted by November 15. For the semester that starts in August, applications must be submitted by April 15.

Is it required proficiency in Portuguese?

Incoming exchange students do not have to submit proof of Portuguese Language Proficiency. However, it is recommended that the students should have some knowledge of Portuguese, especially if they enroll for the courses taught in Portuguese. It is strongly recommended that all students attend a 4-credit Portuguese course during the semester. Before they enroll for this course, students take a levelling test. PUCRS also offers an intensive Portuguese course for international students before the beginning of the semester.

Are there courses taught in another language?

Yes. PUCRS offers courses taught in English in various areas of study. Students do not need to present any certificate of proficiency in English in order to enroll in these courses. List of courses in English.

Does PUCRS offer housing?

PUCRS has no student housing on campus or off campus. However, it has a partnership with Housing Anywhere to help students. Each student is responsible for arranging accommodation for themselves.

Can I do internship?

Yes. All international students are invited to carry out academic internships/research activities in PUCRS laboratories or at TECNOPUC (Technology Park), according to the openings available.

What type of visa do I need to study in Brazil?

In order to register at PUCRS, all mobility students need to get a Student Visa, according to Brazilian law. In order to apply for this visa, all students will receive a Letter of Acceptance, both by email and by mail. The visa is issued by the Consulate of Brazil in the country of the student.

When do the classes start?

In Rio Grande do Sul, the 1st academic semester starts in March and the 2nd academic semester in August.

What is the grading system?

The final grade in each course is expressed from zero to ten, calculated up to the first decimal place. The student who obtains a minimum grade 7.0 does not need to take the G2 test. In order to pass the student must obtain a final grade ≥5.0 (five) and attendance of at least 75% of the lessons.

What is a credit?

Credit is the basic unit for evaluating the intensity and duration of the course, corresponding to 15 classroom hours or equivalent schoolwork, every semester. For schoolwork the hour-lesson is meant lab activity, classroom work, seminars, supervised internships and others approved by the Colleges.

Is it required to have a health insurance to study at PUCRS? What kind?

Yes, all international students at PUCRS must have a health insurance. The students must purchase a health insurance in their home country and any kind can be accepted as long as it meets the requirements below.  

  • The health insurance must be valid in Brazil;
  • It must be valid during the ENTIRE time of stay;
  • Minimum coverage must be $30,000.00 (thirty thousand dollars or euros);
  • It must cover exams, injury, illness, repatriation, hospitalization, COVID-19 etc;
  • The student must know the contact number to call if any assistance is needed;
  • The student must keep a copy of the certificate or the card at all times.

It is important to highlight that PUCRS has a university hospital (HOSPITAL SÃO LUCAS) that may be used in case of medical emergencies during the exchange if the student can present a Health Insurance certificate. At PUCRS, every international student must send to the e-mail [email protected], before arriving, a copy of their certificate in order to get enrolled.