PUCRS among best young universities in the world

Times Higher Education Golden Age 2019 features institutions established between 1945 and 1967

28/06/2019 - 08h22

THE Golden Age 2019 - Site Internacional_NotíciaThe most recent edition of ranking Times Higher Education (THE) Golden Age 2019, published on Jun 26, brings PUCRS once again (the first time being in 2018) as one of the best universities established between 1945 and 1967, an era known as the “golden age” in higher education all over the world. The ranking features institutions established shortly after the World War II, a period in which Higher Education Institutions (IES) saw a quick expansion as huge investments were made in academic research.

PUCRS is the only institution from Rio Grande do Sul on the list. The University stood out especially in three indicators: Industry Income, Citations and International Outlook. Overall, 271 universities were in the list. Out of the 14 Brazilian universities, PUCRS ranks 1st in the list of private HEIs and 3rd overall. Japan is again the nation with most institutions: 46.

PUCRS , founded in 1948, celebrates its 71th anniversary in 2019. In view of its history, PUCRS has been delivering a number of projects and initiatives to the university community and society since 2018 , with the opening of Living 360°, a the new bridge over Av. Ipiranga and the expansion of the Brain Institute of RS (BraIns).

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