Ambassador of Cyprus is welcomed at PUCRS

The goal of the visit was to bring Brazil and the Republic of Cyprus closer together

19/03/2024 - 15h02

Photo: Giordano Toldo

On March 13, the ambassador of Cyprus, Vasilios Philippou, and his delegation were welcomed by the President of PUCRS, Br. Evilázio Teixeira, and by the Administrative Coordinator of the Office for International Cooperation (ECI), Sandra Beatriz Miño. The delegation was composed of the honorary consul candidate of the Republic of Cyprus in Porto Alegre, Alceu Gastaud Cheuiche, and secretaries Giulia Segatto and Daniela Cheuiche.

The guests were welcomed at the Noble Hall of the President’s Office, in order to discuss cooperation possibilities in the fields of research and graduate and undergraduate studies. PUCRS made itself available to establishing agreements and partnerships in order to advance science and to further interculturality between students and researchers of both universities.

This occasion establishes the beginning of a relationship between PUCRS and the Cypriot universities. Teixeira invited the delegation to, on their next opportunity, see the university’s structure and areas. Likewise, the ambassador extended an invitation to the Mediterranean island.

The Republic of Cyprus has a strategic location on the Mediterranean Sea, with one of the highest human development indexes in the world. Cypriot universities are known for their cultural diversity, due to the country being located between Africa, Asia and Europe, with over 21 thousand international students.

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