Pharmacy professors develop hand sanitizer to fight Covid-19

Product produced at Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology of PUCRS delivered to institutions in Porto Alegre

28/04/2020 - 10h38

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Pharmacy professors Dr. Denise MilãoDr. Cristina Maria Moriguchi Jeckel and Dr. Temis Weber Furlanetto Corte, from School of Health and Life Sciences, have produced 70% alcohol hand sanitizer at the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology. In an effort to fight Covid-19, the initiative was response to a request from the Radiopharmaceutical Production Center, of the Brain Institute of RS (BraIns)In addition to supplying the demands of BraIns, half of the production was also donated to Casa Menino Jesus de Praga, an institution that welcomes and promotes specialized care for children with special needs at no charge 

Dr. Denise Milão, coordinator of the undergraduate program in Pharmacy, has informed that as many as 15 kg of the product have been produced. “We did what we were able to do, as we were low on raw materials. Still, it was a very good feeling to produce something that can help people in this delicate moment. It came from the heart”, she says.  

Professor Dr. Cristina Jeckel says that during production all safety measures were followed for the benefit of people. “We make sure we stay distance from one another at all times, and we also wear masks and gloves. We know that what we did was little, it was like a drop in the ocean. But we also know that this is sympathy: each one doing the as much as they can do”, she comments. In addition to staying apart from one another and taking personal care measures, the faculty also cleaned and sanitized the materials, machines and other things that were used.  

Pharmacy program  

Students gain deeper insights into health care in the area of ​​drugs and medicines, with clinical and toxicological analyzes. They also develop skills to operate in the entire drug production chain, from manipulated to industrial, commercial distribution and in hospital health networks and patient care.  

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