Pharmacists’ actions are geared towards the prevention, promotion, protection and rehabilitation of human health, as their deal with medications, clinical and toxicological analyses as well as food production and analysis. They work in pharmaceutical establishments (hospitals, community and compounding pharmacies, distributors, among others), in clinical and toxicological analysis, in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries as well as in industries designed for the production of materials for in vitro diagnosis, in clinical research and in primary health care in public health teams. They may be in charge of professional inspections, health surveillance and issue technical reports; additionally, they may work as advisors or consultants independently.
1 31154-04 Human Anatomy
31322-02 Pharmacobotany
35312-02 Introduction to Pharmacy as a Profession
43182-02 General Chemistry Laboratory
4110X-02 Mathematics for Pharmacy
4220J-02 Principles of Physics for Pharmacy
4311P-04 General Chemistry
4310D-04 Organic Chemistry I
2 4120V-02 Biostatistics A
3121V-02 Biophysics
3144A-04 Cell Biology and Genetics
3121S-04 Structural Biochemistry
35349-12 Elective courses
1255W-01 English Language Proficiency Exam
35202-04 Pharmacognosy
4312K-02 Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry
31156-03 Histology and General Embryology
43168-04 Organic Chemistry II
3 3121T-04 Metabolic Biochemistry
35203-04 Pharmaceutics and Solids Technology
3121P-06 Human Physiology
31224-04 Basic and Food Microbiology
31336-02 Parasitology
4320M-06 Analytical Chemistry
4 35348-02 Pharmaceutical Assistance
35306-04 Pharmacological and Toxicological Sciences I
35154-04 Molecular Diagnosis
35212-04 Pharmaceutics and Liquids Technology
31329-03 Immunology
35183-04 Clinical Microbiology
35141-02 Clinical Parasitology
33236-02 Pathology
36121-02 Integrated Work in Health Care
5 35232-04 Biopharmaceutical Analysis
35136-04 Clinical Biochemistry I
35347-04 Pharmacological and Toxicological Sciences II
35234-02 Drug Development
35352-02 Clinical and Toxicological Analysis Internship (60 Hours)
35239-03 Pharmaceutics and Disperse Systems Technology and Modified Liberation
35124-06 Clinical Immunology
35241-04 Pharmaceutical Chemistry I
6 35137-04 Clinical Biochemistry II
4320A-04 Food Science
35344-04 Pharmacological and Toxicological Sciences III
35345-02 Community Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management Internship (90 Hours)
35327-04 Hospital Pharmacy
35138-02 Assurance and Management of Pharmaceutical Quality
35126-04 Clinical Hematology
35242-04 Pharmaceutical Chemistry II
7 35346-06 Pharmaceutical Care and Clinical Pharmacy
35251-02 Biopharmaceuticals and Biotechnological Processes
35235-04 Physical and Chemical Quality Control
35226-03 Cosmetology
35361-03 Hospital and Food Pharmacy Internship (105 Hours)
35204-04 Homeopathic Pharmacy
35128-04 Hematology and Clinical Cytology
8 35131-02 Toxicological Analyses
35372-00 Complementary activities (105 Hours)
35236-04 Biological Quality Control
35332-02 Deontology and Pharmaceutical Legislation
35351-03 Compounding Pharmacy and Medication Industry (105 Hours)
15099-04 Philosophy and Bioethics
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
35364-02 Intravenous and Nutritional Therapy
9 35365-10 Final Internship and Thesis (415 Hours)