Graduate Program in Psychology

Founded in 1987, the Postgraduate Program in Psychology (PPGP) offers Masters and Doctorate courses in three areas of concentration: Clinical Psychology, Human Cognition and Social Psychology. The program is rated 6 by CAPES and is supported by the CAPES Academic Excellence Program (PROEX).

The curricular structure in the Masters and Doctorate courses is supported by disciplines and activities distributed in four axes: (a) methodological training, (b) training for teaching activity, (c) training for research activity and (d) training in the concentration area. Activities include individual meetings with the advisor, PPGP scientific meetings, teaching internship, internal pre-qualification seminar, qualification exam, scientific publication, and social inclusion and extension activities. The set of disciplines and activities aims to train teachers and researchers who will exercise leadership in scientific psychology. To this end, PPGP has advanced technological resources for teaching and research.

PPGP is a national and international reference in its areas of concentration. Since admission, the student is individually guided by a mentor teacher. Collaboration with other faculty / researchers in the program or even outside faculty is very common; Students are encouraged to approach research topics from an interdisciplinary perspective. PPGP maintains agreements and partnerships with other international programs of excellence in Psychology and related areas.