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Clinical Psychology
Name Description
Theories, Techniques and Interventions in Clinical Psychology The line of research Theories, Techniques and Intervention in Clinical Psychology relies on six research groups that investigate, throughout the life cycle, psychological assessment and treatment processes as well as the development and adaptation of instruments for psychological assessment. Quantitative, qualitative and mixed designs are applied and psychoanalytical or cognitive-behavioral theories are used as theoretical background.
Human Cognition
Name Description
Applied and Basic Cognitive Processes Esta línea de investigación se dedica al estudio básico y aplicado de la cognición humana. La principal teoría de apoyo es la Psicología Cognitiva amparada por los presupuestos del método experimental.
Psychobiology, Neuropsychology and Behavior This line of research focuses on studying the relationship between the psychobiological and neurocognitive mechanisms related to behavior.
Social Psychology
Name Description
Psychosocial Processes: Identities, Practices and Contexts The research groups in this line aim to produce investigation focused on studying the psychosocial processes, from a sociohistorical perspective. Issues related to contemporary identity markers that connect to time, space and imaginary are addressed. The focus of interest lies in the different possibilities of expression/meaning of culture in day-to-day life, associated with the creation of perspectives for comprehension and analysis.
Social Psychology and Health: Individuals, Groups and Institutions The research groups in this line of research aim to study and conduct research on the psychosocial dimensions of health, the group processes and organizations and the institutional relationship between subjects, groups and institutions aiming to shed light on the processes of health/sickness in different social contexts. The theoretical-methodological approaches are primarily based on Cognitive Social Psychology, Complex Social and Systemic Epidemiology.

Research Structures

Research Laboratories
Name Coordinator
Laboratório de Intervenções Cognitivas (LABICO) MARGARETH DA SILVA OLIVEIRA
Laboratório de Ciência e Arte dos Alimentos (LACIAA) ANA MARIA PANDOLFO FEOLI
Research Nucleus
Name Coordinator
Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisa em Trauma e Estresse (NEPTE) CHRISTIAN HAAG KRISTENSEN
Research Center
Name Coordinator
No record