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Assessment and psychological interventions in mental health This line of research concentrates studies related to mental health outcomes based on different theories and methods in Clinical Psychology. It aims at understanding psychological processes and building and adapting instruments and interventions with a psychotherapeutic and psychoeducational focus.
Cognition, brain and behavior This line of research focuses on basic and applied studies of cognition and its behavioral and neurobiological implications. We seek to investigate neurocognitive and psychobiological processes and their relationship with behavior, development, learning and mental health. Research approaches involve theoretical and experimental models and instruments from neuropsychology, neurobiology and neuroscience.
Psychosocial Processes: Practices and contexts This line of research concentrates studies on psychosocial phenomena and vulnerability processes in different contexts, such as education, public health, work, politics and justice. It aims to develop strategies for assessment and intervention with individuals, groups and organizations based on theoretical-methodological approaches that articulate different perspectives from Social Psychology and other fields of knowledge.
Well-being, health and quality of life This line of research concentrates studies that use an interdisciplinary approach on the relationship between mental health and lifestyle, understood as the set of behaviors related to food, physical activity, sleep, spirituality, financial well-being, well-being occupational and social relationships. The line aims at building basic and applied knowledge for evaluation and intervention in the prevention and promotion of quality of life and its different domains.

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Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisa em Trauma e Estresse (NEPTE) CHRISTIAN HAAG KRISTENSEN
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