Begin your Master’s or PhD at PUCRS in 2021

Applications for 22 programs open until Oct 31, 2020

04/09/2020 - 09h24

Continuous development, science immersion and introduction to new areas are some of the key points of Master’s / PhD programs. Having the best graduate programs in Brazil. according to the Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Programs (Capes), the application for 22 of PUCRS’ graduate programs is now open. Admitted students are expected to begin classes in 2021.

The programs, whose curricula are constantly updated, are nationally and internationally recognized for their excellence. The University relies on a complete structure for study and research. Invest in the future connecting with innovative and socially relevant issues, developed by our highly-qualified faculty.

Find out about our Graduate Programs

Biomedical Gerontology

Business and Administration

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Computer Science

Criminal Sciences



Development Economics

Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity


Education in Sciences and Mathematics




Materials Engineering and Technology

Medicine and Health Sciences

Pediatrics and Child Health



Social Sciences

Social Work


To find out about the criteria for admission into each program, check each program’s application form.

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