Vatican donates respirators to PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital

Institution received materials sent by Pope Francis’ representative to fight Covid-19

28/08/2020 - 16h15

Photo: Reinaldo Fon


A representative sent by Pope Francis came to HSL – PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital on Thursday, Aug 27, to donate four respirators and an ultrasound device used for diagnostic imaging of tissues or blood flows.  

Antonio Guizzetti was welcomed to Porto Alegre by the Archbishop Dom Jaime Spengler, the President of PUCRS, Br. Evilázio Teixeira, and by the Hospital General-Director, Leandro Firme. During the visit, the group checked out HSL’s facilities, including the Clinical Center, the Diagnostic Imaging Center and the outpatient stations where the coronavirus vaccine is being tested.  

The Vatican Apostolic Alms and the association Hope Onlus Association are connecting several donors and health facilities in situations of emergency and poverty, in an effort to provide medical technology to those who need it most. The donated machines were sent to the ICU exclusively dedicated to Covid-19 patients. The Hospital has been gradually expanding the number of beds to help coronavirus patients in the Metropolitan Region. Currently, 46 beds are available in the Covid-19 ICU and another 104 units in the Infirmary.  


Photo: Reinaldo Fontes

According to the President of PUCRS, Br. Evilázio Teixeira, “this act of solidarity from the Church, as well as all the support received from our Archbishop and Chancellor of our University, Dom Jaime Spengler, are essential for us to keep strong and active in our efforts of assistance and promotion of life ”. For the hospital’s Director-General, Leandro Firme, the donation is an important addition to the institution’s efforts. “The contribution is a reflection of the actions we have made in the fight against the pandemic. It is an honor for us to be among the hospitals chosen by the Vatican ”, he celebrates.  

According to a statement sent by the Vatican, the Pope’s motivation with the donation seeks to “find the necessary means to save and heal many human lives”, especially in countries like Brazil, which is suffering from the emergency of Covid-19.  

Kindness in return of a cry for help  

In the coming days, 18 Draeger intensive care ventilators and 6 Fuji portable ultrasound devices will be sent to Brazil thanks to the Hope Onlus Association. It is a highly specialized association devoted to humanitarian projects in health and education, which has been working to find high-tech medical equipment to save lives with the help from different donors.   

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