School of Medicine strengthens international partnership

11/10/2016 - 16h14

The School of Medicine (FAMED) of PUCRS welcomed representatives of Hospital Central de Maputo, in Mozambique, Dra. Paula Santos (Pediatrics Director), Dr. Sandra Mavale (Scientific and Pedagogic Director), Dr. Faizana Amodo (Pediatric Oncologist), Dr. Sonia Bandeira (Neonatologist) and Dr. Chris Buck, Director of Center for World Health, from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), in USA.

Headed by the Director of FAMED, Prof. Dr. Jefferson Braga Silva, the delegation came to PUCRS to strengthen the collaborative partnership between the institutions by visiting units of Hospital São Lucas of PUCRS and planning activities for the program of cooperation in areas of mutual interest such as Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Orthopedics and Urology.