PUCRS stands out with 40 top-scoring programs in Brazil

Seven programs reached atop the Quero Educação and O Estado de São Paulo rankings, the biggest surveys on Brazilian Higher Education

03/11/2021 - 09h53

Photo: Camila Cunha

The Guia da Faculdade 2021, published by Quero Educação and the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo features 40 undergraduate programs of PUCRS programs among the top scoring programs in the country. The University features among the 3 private higher education institutions in Brazil with the largest number of undergraduate programs being awarded the highest grade. 7 programs were awarded 5 stars whereas 33 were awarded 4 stars in the study, which is the biggest opinion poll on the Brazilian Higher Education. The study was published on the newspaper this past Sunday, Oct 24.

Dr. Adriana Kampff, PUCRS’ Vice President for Undergraduate and Continuing Education, emphasizes that recognitions like this reflect the commitment and dedication of the faculty, staff and students who contribute to the university’s excellence.

“We invest in the continuous development of our teaching staff and offer students innovative pedagogical resources. Our position in the ranking shows our commitment to training new dynamic, entrepreneurial and purposeful professionals who are sensitive to issues that affect society ”, she adds.

The survey

To assess the quality of nearly 16,000 higher education programs in Brazil, a methodology known as “peer assessment” is used. In this process, the Guia team acts as a research institute, collecting the opinion of thousands of professors who work in Higher Education. Find out more about each stage of this process:

● All Higher Education Institutions registered with the Ministry of Education (Universities, Centers, Colleges and Institutes) are invited to be in the Guia da Faculdade;

● The Guia team will then, indicate which programs can be assessed. In 2021, they had to meet the following criteria: a) offer an undergraduate program; b) have at least one graduate-level class completed (until the end of 2020); and c) have at least one graduate-level class in progress;

● Starting in April this year, the coordinator of each assessed program was surveyed to point the main characteristics of their program, focusing on three aspects: . Faculty: profile of faculty and quantitative data; . Pedagogical plan: description of the program’s plan; . Infrastructure: description of the physical space, materials and equipment offered.

This survey served as the basis for evaluators to assess the programs.

The evaluation team

In 2021, more than 9,500 Higher Education coordinators and faculty volunteered as evaluators of the Guia da Faculdade. These professors were asked to assess programs in their areas and institutions primarily located in the same region of the country where they are located.

Further information about the Guia da Faculdade 2021 can be found on the website of Quero Educação and O Estado de S. Paulo.

Programs awarded grade 5

  • Business Administration (Bachelor’s);
  • Biological Sciences (Teaching Degree)
  • Philosophy (Teaching Degree);
  • Philosophy (Bachelor’s);
  • Pedagogy (Child Education) (Teaching Degree);
  • Social Work (Bachelor’s)
  • Theology (Bachelor’s).

Programs awarded grade 4

  • Architecture and Urbanism (Bachelor’s);
  • Biomedicine (Bachelor’s);
  • Computer Science (Bachelor’s);
  • Aeronautical Sciences (Bachelor’s);
  • Biological Sciences (Bachelor’s);
  • Accounting (Controllership and Taxes) (Bachelor’s);
  • Economic Sciences (Economics) (Bachelor’s);
  • Design (Communications and Product) (Bachelor’s);
  • Law (Bachelor’s);
  • Physical Education (Bachelor’s);
  • Physical Education (Teaching Degree);
  • Nursing (Bachelor’s);
  • Civil Engineering (Bachelor’s);
  • Computer Engineering (Bachelor’s);
  • Control and Automation Engineering (Bachelor’s);
  • Production Engineering (Bachelor’s);
  • Software Engineering (Bachelor’s);
  • Electrical Engineering (Bachelor’s);
  • Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor’s);
  • Chemical Engineering (Bachelor’s);
  • Pharmacy (Bachelor’s);
  • Physical Therapy (Bachelor’s);
  • History (Bachelor’s);
  • History (Teaching Degree);
  • Journalism (Bachelor’s);
  • Modern Languages (Portuguese and English) (Teaching Degree);
  • Medicine (Bachelor’s);
  • Nutrition (Bachelor’s);
  • Dentistry (Bachelor’s);
  • Psychology (Bachelor’s);
  • Advertising (Bachelor’s);
  • Public Relations (Bachelor’s);
  • Information Systems (Bachelor’s).

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