PUCRS’ Shorinji Kempo team takes part in international event

Seminar featured masters from Japan and USA

15/11/2018 - 10h12

Shorinji_KempoThe Shorinji Kempo team of PUCRS Sports Park attended the Shorinji Kempo UNITY Study Session 2018, at the State Center for Sports Training in October. The international seminar brought together masters from Japan and USA and teachers and students from all over Brazil.

The three-day immersion provided participants with deeper insights into technical and philosophical aspects of the martial art in an effort to provide full integration into the program. For PUCRS’ group, coordinated by master Izidoro Yamamoto, the major challenge was to raise funds to bring such a relevant event to Porto Alegre. “Participants themselves would help one another to organize the event as they tried to minimize the costs to attract more people”, says Yamamoto.

The team benefits greatly from participating in that they can learn more about Shorinji Kempo. In the event, seven practitioners took grading tests to be promoted to the 4th Dan, which are only carried out at the Headquarters of the World Shorinji Kempo Organization (WSKO), in Japan. The only exception is when it is held in international seminars, as well as in the programs designed for examiner/judge development.

Shorinji_KempoSeveral shorinji kempo events are held every year all over the world. Seminars were held in Brazil in the years of 1991, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2014 and now in 2018. Six of them were carried out within the premises of PUCRS. Click here to learn more about future events.

Shorinji Kempo at PUCRS

Shorinji Kempo is a personal defense martial art offered at the Sports Park. The PUCRS team has been around since 1986 and was part of the curriculum of the undergraduate programs in Physical Education until 1997, as it became optional in Brazilian universities. Up until 2012, it was part of the Institute of Japanese Culture but now it is embraced by the Sports Park. Master Yamamoto played a championship and international seminar in 2001 in Paris (France), 2005 in Fukui (Japan) and 2013 in Osaka (Japan).

Classes are offered to Adults and Children aged 8-12, at the Sports Park on Mondays and Thursdays. For further information, click here.

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