PUCRS’ Physical Education program welcomes PhD student from Germany

German student developing studies at PUCRS’ Research Group into Olympic Studies

02/12/2021 - 17h20

Photo: Personal archive

Tim Sperber, a PhD student from German Sport University, in Koln, Germany, has been in Brazil, for almost 3 months, to collect data for his research on Climate Change and the Olympic Movementat the Research Group into Olympic Studies of PUCRS. 
Sperber has a degree in Sports Administration from the same university, where he is working on his PhD. In an interview, he explained why he chose PUCRS among so many other educational institutions that are part of the network of Olympic Research Centers: 
In 2016 my advisor in Germany, Dr. Stephan Wassong, came to PUCRS for the Colloquium that brought together the main Olympic Studies Centers in the world. After getting to know the University’s facilities and the work of the Research Group into Olympic Studies, coordinated by Dr. Nelson Todt, it was clear to him that this would be the reference in Latin America for this study. 
Christian Kern, a Physical Education major at the School of Health and Life Sciences of PUCRS, is helping Tim acclimate in Brazil, serving as an interpreter, especially during the interviews for the research. The way Christian sees it, this experience is of great importance for his academic career, as he intends to work on his Master’s at this German University after finishing his degree. 
This study is another initiative that consolidates the collaboration between PUCRS and the German Sport University, a reference university in Europe in the area of sports and Olympic games. 

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