Professor from the University of Tübingen teaches a class in graduate course

Stefan Laufer is director at the German institution’s Baden-Württemberg Center for Brazil and Latin America

07/02/2023 - 13h23

Photos: Matheus Gomes

Professor and researcher Stefan Laufer, from the University of Tübingen, in Germany, was at PUCRS last week to teach the class Topics in Kinases, promoted by the Graduate Program in Medicine and Health Sciences, with students from other programs present. Laufer is director at the Baden-Württemberg Center for Brazil and Latin America and his visit was supported by the Graduate Internationalization Program in Rio Grande do Sul, financed by FAPERGS and CAPES.

The class seeked to expand knowledge in the field of protein kinases and related signaling pathways. Protein kinases are one of the biggest groups of proteins and are responsible for regulating a large number of signal transduction pathways in cells.

The researcher was welcomed by professor from the School of Health and Life Sciences Fernanda Morrone, with whom he already has a solid partnership in research and who has been in Germany in October through the Institutional Internationalization Project (PUCRS-PrInt). Currently, both are working on the project about Covid-19, titled Joining Brazil-Germany to achieve expertise for new therapeutic approaches to treat COVID-19. In addition, they recently published, in the Frontier in Pharmacology paper, the study The functional role of p38 MAPK pathway in malignant brain tumors, available on this link.

Partnership between PUCRS and the Universität Tubingen

The partnership with the Universität Tubingen exists since 1983, a cooperation which allowed for the development of the Pró-Mata Center for Research and Conservation of Nature (CPCN), officially inaugurated in 1996. Since then, several joint research projects have been developed, as well as co-orientations and events in partnership.

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