President of PUCRS appointed to second term

Brother Evilázio Teixeira re-elected as President for term 2021-2024

03/11/2020 - 13h50

Photo: Camila Cunha

On Wed, Oct 28, the Provincial Council of the Marist Network announced that Br. Evilázio Teixeira has been appointed for a second term as President of the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) for the next four-year period: 2021-2024. The Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and Continuing Education, Br. Manuir Mentges, will serve as Senior Vice President.

The decision to appoint him for a second term came after several meetings, constructive dialogue and accurate judgment from the parties involved. After that, a proposal was submitted to the Rev. Archbishop of Porto Alegre and Chancellor of the University, Dom Jaime Spengler, and to the Congregation for Catholic Education of the Holy See. Teixeira will take office on Dec 8, 2020. In the ceremony, the University’s new managers will be appointed.

According to Br. Teixeira, his being reappointed made him very honored and happy. “The 2016-2020 cycle is coming to a close. This has been a period of countless significant achievements for the present and future of the University. At the same time, it has been very challenging in several aspects, the pandemic being, undoubtedly, the most critical one. However, with the engagement of our university community, we have evolved and succeeded in all dimensions, from the quality of our programs to the attention we provide to people’s lives. In this context, it was with honor and joy that I was nominated for the 2021-2024 term“.

Br. Evilázio has uttered words of admiration and gratitude to the current Senior Vice President, Dr. Jaderson Costa da Costa. “The Senior Vice President, Dr. da Costa, and I, will continue to develop our work as heads of the University with our feet on the ground with an eye to the future until Dec 8, when we take office. Dr. da Costa will assume his position as Director of the Brain Institute. Once the newly expanded and renovated BraIns opens its doors, it will provide more robust and complex services, and Dr. da Costa will be working with the President’s Office on the Health Campus project.”

As he recognized the challenge and the opportunity, the Senior Vice President, Dr. da Costa, was extremely pleased about the experience: “Serving as the Senior Vice President was a challenge and an opportunity that allowed me to get to know the vibrant people that make PUCRS the best private university in Brazil. It was gratifying to see the University in transformation in line with the Health Campus – a facility that will promote life, in a fraternal, supportive, innovative and human environment. I will finish my term invigorated and with many plans and energy to conduct BraIns”.

The current Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and Continuing Education, Br. Manuir Mentges, was thankful for the Marist Network for the trust and the invitation to take office as Senior Vice President. He was keen to show his gratitude to Br. Evilázio and Dr. Jaderson. “I will take the challenge to conduct the institutional mission of PUCRS. But, right now, I would like to thank the inspiring leadership of Br. Teixeira and Dr. da Costa. For the past four years, they were ahead of our University with courage and responsibility. They inspire the academic community with their actions that are grounded on institutional values. These include audacity, because, the way I see it, in the face of different realities, they know how to make judgments and lead us all towards innovation in the constant search for academic excellence and the promotion of life ”.

In a note to the university community, the President of the Marist Network, Br. Inacio Nestor Etges accorded recognition to Br. Evilázio for his servant leadership and the excellent work he has done in recent years, and showed gratitude for his acceptance to continue this mission in this important Marist endeavor. Similarly, he congratulated Dr. Jaderson Costa da Costa and thanked Br. Manuir, who will now take the challenge to continue building the future of the University, along with the President.

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