Much more than a vaccine

by Leandro Firme, General Head of PUCRS' São Lucas Hospital

20/07/2020 - 17h40

Leandro Firme / Photo: Camila Cunha

The first semester of 2020 came to an end and demanded a lot from all of us. Plans, experiences and the living conditions we were used to. Quick, silent and painful, it also took our health, mental and physical, sometimes for good. But sadness made us move forward, with the mission of finding a way out of an unprecedented global health crisis.

The effects of all of this are different in each one of us. Although this worries us from a social perspective, it is interesting how we, as human beings, connect with other people. Yes, life was at stake. And as we find ourselves amid a whirlwind of negativity, we cannot turn to those we love the way we would like to. No more hugs in the meantime.

Living the experience of facing a pandemic inside a hospital complex is something that will never be forgotten. In addition to fighting Covid-19, there are other diseases to fight. We can see that on our faces, as we are surrounded with fear, insecurity and uncertainty. But not only that. An even greater call to life also emerges from clinical environments. It is in the hands, minds and, above all, hearts of health professionals, who in the provision of assistance, clinical care or development of research have become even more essential. In those moments, we realize that we are stronger together.

If the first months of the year were hard, the second semester encourages us to reap the result of so much effort. It is time to be present, gather strength and hope that we can achieve our results. Our starting point is the testing of the coronavirus vaccine, which will start in the coming weeks at our research center. We will be in tune with everyone, especially the gauchos, so that soon it will be possible to resume our normal life as we know it.

We know that this fight has several fronts. So, until the vaccine is effective and can be distributed, we need to go on with all preventive and social distancing measures, always reflecting on how our attitudes can have an impact on others. Though one might think that life should be under the care of medical doctors, all of us are responsible for protecting it.

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