Honorary Consul of Poland visits PUCRS to strengthen ties with Institute of Culture

Meeting at Office of the president discussed joint actions in celebration of 150th anniversary of Polish immigration to Brazil

08/03/2019 - 08h36

Photo: Camila Cunha

The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland for Porto Alegre, Sergio Jose Sechinski, came to PUCRS on Feb 28 to discuss joint actions involving the University’s Institute of Culture  and the Consulate. The idea is to work on joint initiatives in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Polish immigration to Brazil. Sechinski was welcomed at the Great Hall of the Office of the Vice President by the Senior Vice President Dr Jaderson Costa da Costa.

Costa made mention of PUCRS’ commitment towards the community as it is keen on offering a diversified number of activities to promote culture. Sechinski, an alumnus of PUCRS’ School of Communications, Arts and Design (Famecos), talked about the importance of the initiative, as it uses the university as a channel to advance cultural activities in a comprehensive way.

The visit featured Rev. Zdzislaw Malczewski Schr, president of the Catholic Mission of Poland in Brazil, the Vice President of Extension and Community Affairs, Br. Marcelo Bonhemberger, the director of the Institute of Culture, Dr Ricardo Barberena, the Executive Coordinator of the Office for International Cooperation, Dr Heloísa Delgado, and Marcio Buzatto, choirmaster of PUCRS’ Choir. The visit also included a tour around Campus, including the Rua da Cultura, the Irmão José Otão Main Library and the Institute of Culture.

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