Climbers climb PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital to thank health care professionals

Initiative developed in recognition of work and dedication of hospital’s professionals in fighting Covid-19

04/05/2020 - 15h01

Photo: Release/HSL

In the morning of Wednesday, Apr 29, PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital (HSL) health care professionals had their work recognized during the pandemic Covid-19. By climbing the 10-level hospital building (about 40 meters high), two climbers went to the top and opened a 5m-banner when climbing down. The banner read Eles dedicam sua vida para cuidar da nossa! (They dedicate their lives to take care of ours!)

After that, they showed HSL professionals posters with encouraging phrases like Nossa união nos dá a certeza de que não estamos sós (Our joint efforts show that we are not alone) from behind the windows.

A joint initiative involving hospitals

The action was developed in appreciation of the people who care for the patients, either directly or indirectly, including receptionists, security officers and others, either here or in other hospitals. The initiative was jointly organized by PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital, Mãe de Deus Hospital , Santa Ana, Santa Casa and Moinhos de Vento. The rappellers, who volunteered for the action, are hired by Executar Alpinismo Industrial.

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