British university in partnership with HSL

Mathematics and Physics researchers joined a seminar open to the public on Friday

20/03/2017 - 17h52
Brain, Rays

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Members of the Epilepsy Surgery Program of São Lucas Hospital (PCE-HSL) will meeting with Mathematics and Physics researchers from the University of Exeter, England, from Mar 17-24 at PUCRS. The meetings are intended to arrange and design collaborative projects between PCE and the British institution. This partnership is intended for its partners to apply their neural networks insights from mathematical models into the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy patients. If the anticipated results are confirmed, the number of epilepsy episodes in surgical patients will be under control.

In addition to providing support to the actions conducted by the HSL team within this period, the aforementioned professionals joined the seminar Epileptogenic Neural Networks: From Computer to Patient.


What is a neural network?

A neural network is a group of brain regions that are interconnected. The activity of a neural network is held accountable to a function or disorder of the brain, such as speech and epilepsy episodes. “We used to believe that each area of the brain is accountable to perform a specific action. Today we know that each function is performed by several areas which are integrated into a neural network”, says the Head of HSL’s Neurology Service, André Palmini.

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