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Women Writers Day celebrated with National Library of Spain

Activity brought together women writers from Brazil, Spain and Chile at PUCRS

17/10/2017 - 18h23

Women Writers DayIn celebration of the Women Writers Day, PUCRS’ School of Humanities’ Letters and Creative Writing programs promoted the event Women, knowledge and power, in partnership with the National Library of Spain (BNE) on Oct 16. The event featured Latin American writers Natália Polesso, Julia Dantas, Taiasmin Ohnmacht, Lilian Rocha and Moema Vilela, as well as Valesca de Assis, patron of the 63rd Book Fair of Porto Alegre, and Chilean researcher Ana Pizarro.

For Anna Caballé, professor of the Universitat de Barcelona and coordinator of the Spanish leg of the program, the celebration has been conceived to commemorate the cultural legacy of Hispanic and Hispanic-American writers, as well as the difficulties inherent to their development and recognition of their works. The Brazilian leg of the program was coordinated by professors Regina Kohlrausch and Maria Eunice Moreira. Dr Kohlrausch shares Dr Caballé’s view as she claims that this kind of initiative contribute to making the literary production of women more visible, as it gives women an effective space in the literary and sociocultural system.