PUCRS and Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia, promote internationalization actions

PUCRS and Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia, promote internationalization actions

16/03/2022 - 15h50

University of Antioquia and PUCRS have an international partnership trajectory / Photo: Johnata Amado

From Feb 7 – 14, 2022, School of Medicine researcher and professor, Dr. Rita Mattiello, paid a visit to Universidad de Antioquia (UdeA), in Medellín, Colombia, to reinforce the actions of internationalization involving the two institutions. Both universities have signed a cooperation agreement that has resulted in several positive experiences.

The visit included meetings with teams of the Vice President’s Office, coordinators of undergraduate and graduate programs and coordinators of internationalization of the Schools of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing to promote actions between institutions, including mobility of faculty and students, dual degrees for PhD students and collaborative courses. The ultimate goal of these actions is to enhance the quality of student and faculty training and development and to implement innovative projects that bring significant benefits to society.

During her visit, Mattiello joined the team responsible for the International Symposium of Chronic Diseases – Rede AMNET (America’s Network for Chronic Disease Surveillance), that will occur in September and will feature national and international specialists on chronic diseases. In 2022, this congress will occur at the Universidad de Antioquia and the pre-congress will feature a course to be taught to PUCRS’ and UdeA’s students.

The partnership between PUCRS and the Universidad de Antioquia began in 2019, with professors from both institutions working on research projects, seminars, courses and other academic activities. Mattiello commends this partnership.

“Strengthening the ties between the Universidad de Antioquia and PUCRS can further promote high-quality training and the development of actions having a positive impact on society in a humanized and global way”, she highlighted.

Today, students Tatiana Cartagena and Camila Ospina, from the Universidad de Antioquia, are working on their Master’s in Medicine and Health Sciences and PhD in Pediatrics and Children’s Health, respectively, at PUCRS.

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