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University announces 2020/2 calendar and student benefits

In a live session, President Br. Evilázio Teixeira reinforces Institution’s wish that students do not give up school amid uncertainties

07/07/2020 - 15h16

Rematrícula 2020-2 - Vamos Seguir Juntos - Banner EN_Notícia e Agenda cópiaEarlier this week, the President of the University, Br. Evilázio Teixeira, discussed the actions of planning for classes in the next semester, as well as a number of benefits and financial solutions for students in a live session on YouTube. These measures are intended to keep students in school and stay strong with their career plans, even in a moment of so many uncertainties.

During the live session, Br. Evilázio stressed that in the first half of the year the University had to quickly adapt to “virtual classes” and this demanded effort and dedication from all areas. “It was not easy for any of us, but this made us speed up dynamics and break the resistance that at some point we would have to face”. The President also stated that, although an online experience is never the same as a face-to-face experience, PUCRS continues to seek excellence to offer the best possible to the entire community.

Undergraduate classes to begin Aug 10

As for the academic calendar, Br. Evilázio, together with the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Adriana Kampff, announced that most undergraduate classes will start on Aug 10, as suggested by students. “We have more than 50 undergraduate programs and each has specificities that cannot be ignored. Therefore, some programs will follow a different calendar”, the President said.

Adriana explained that all courses in the Schools of Communications, Arts and Design – Famecos, Law School, Business, Humanities and Technology will start on Aug 10. At the School of Health and Life Sciences, most courses also start on this date. However, some courses will begin at a different date. Courses in the Dentistry, Gastronomy and Physical Education programs will start on Sept 8. In relation to the School of Medicine, each year has a specific calendar, which is being detailed by the Dean, Professor Dr. Leonardo Araujo Pinto, and by the program coordinator, Professor Dr. Maria José Borsatto Zanella.

Graduate programs are scheduled to start on Aug 17. Face-to-face classes of Certificate programs are scheduled for Oct, as suggested by students in a survey. The courses in progress will follow a specific calendar.

As for the modality of delivery, the President stressed that it is dependent upon decisions of the State and Municipal governments. The university is still concerned about the health of the students, as well as of the entire university community. The institution has been following the recommendations issued by the security protocols that have been in force since May. “We will continue to follow the recommendations of public agencies strictly. But it is also important that you know that we are very well prepared to gradually return in total safety when possible,” he said.

Find out about financial solutions offered

After that, Br. Evilázio presented the number of financial solutions that will be offered to students. Among them, there is a 20% discount on tuition for students: “We made this decision as we were aware that you are not being able to enjoy everything we offer. But we also know that, for most families, only 20% is not enough. For this reason, more important than this measure, is the number of financial solutions that we are proposing”.

The President stressed that the University’s commitment continues to be open, for those in need, for negotiation opportunities that favor students’ permanence and offer personalized solutions.

Other benefits

The solutions for students to continue their studies go beyond the financial issue. According to Br. Evilázio, “PUCRS offers one of the most complete university experiences in Brazil. And in this exceptional condition that we are going through, we have put together some extra benefits while it is not possible to enjoy all of our infrastructure”. Courses of Pós PUCRS Online, graduate courses with 50% discount, through the G-PG program and language programs free of charge are some of the benefits for students next semester.

With the purpose of staying together

At the end of the transmission, the President of the University emphasized the commitment of each student who is finishing this challenging semester: “I know it was not easy and I really admire you for staying and being aware of our efforts and limitations. I am very proud of our students, of what you represent for our society and for this new future that is on the way ”.

Lastly, Br. Evilázio made an invitation to students: “I hope you take a rest on this well-deserved vacation. If you can, be with your families, and respect social distancing and other preventive measures. And the invitation is for us to continue together, for another semester, in order to learn and make a new world, a different tomorrow. I hope that it will be a much better new future, if it depends on each one of you ”, he concluded.