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PUCRS earned national recognition by Federal Agency of Evaluation and Support of Graduate Education

Developments in seven graduate programs drove institution atop list of public and private universities

02/10/2017 - 10h25

CapesPUCRS has ranked atop a list of public and private higher education institutions (HES) that offer ten or more graduate programs, according to the Federal Agency of Evaluation and Support of Graduate Education (Capes), whose most recent evaluation study was published on Tuesday, Sept 19. This has been the country’s biggest improvement from 2013 to 2016. Out of the 24 graduate programs offered at the University, 7 have improved their quality and, overall, 11 have been classified as programs of international excellence.

PUCRS has an average grade of 5.42 among the HEIs offering ten or more graduate programs according to Capes’ preliminary evaluation.  Capes evaluates programs on a scale that goes up to 7, but programs awarded grade 6 are considered of international excellence.

Over the last five evaluation periods, PUCRS has kept a steady growth, as follows: 4.24 (2001-2003), 4.48 (2004-2006), 5.00 (2007-2009) and 5.21 (2010-2012), up until now. The following graduate programs have scored higher than previous evaluation studies: Biomedical Gerontology (from 6 to 7), Letters (from 6 to 7), Computer Science (from 5 to 6), Comunnications (from 4 to 5), Social Scienecs (from 4 to 5), Education in Sciences and Mathematics  (from 4 to 5) and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology  (from 4 to 5).

The Vice President of Research, Innovation and Development , Dr Carla Bonan, claims that this has been “a historical achievement for the University, for it shows the quality of our graduate programs but, especially because it is an achievement for the entire academic community, for dedication and hard work of faculty, students and staff”. The University’s  Director of Graduate Studies Dr Eleani Costa, stresses that “with the excellent results currently achieved from Capes, we have reached the most prominent position in terms of graduate-level programs in Brazil considering public and private institutions. This is such a wonderful achievement, which has been materialized over time, as we relied on the contribution of many people and on a perspective of excellence in research and graduate studies”, celebrates she.

Check out the quality of PUCRS’ graduate programs

Graduate program Degree 2013-2016
Biomedical Gerontology Master’s / PhD 7
Letters Master’s / PhD 7
Medicine and Health Sciences Master’s / PhD 6
Education Master’s / PhD 6
Philosophy Master’s / PhD 6
Social Work Master’s / PhD 6
Cell and Molecular Biology Master’s / PhD 6
Law Master’s / PhD 6
Pediatrics and Child Health Master’s / PhD 6
Psychology Master’s / PhD 6
Computer Science Master’s / PhD 6
Zoology Master’s / PhD 5
History Master’s / PhD 5
Business Administration Master’s / PhD 5
Criminal Sciences Master’s / PhD 5
Dentistry Master’s / PhD 5
Engineering and Materials Technology Master’s / PhD 5
Communications Master’s / PhD 5
Social Sciences Master’s / PhD 5
Education in Sciences and Mathematics Master’s / PhD 5
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Master’s 5
Development Economics Master’s / PhD 4
Electrical Engineering Professional Master’s 4
Theology Master’s / PhD 4
 Master’s / PhD Professional Master’s 5.42

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