São Lucas Hospital attracts international students for internships

Medical school students from partner institutions develop activities in Porto Alegre

30/10/2019 - 09h36

Luis Manuel and professor Lisiane Perez, from School of Medicine. Photo: Personal archive

The São Lucas Hospital of PUCRS (HSL) has been gaining popularity as a destination for medical internships among international students from PUCRS’ partner institutions. As one of the requirements for completion of a Medical School degree, internships make it possible for students to have a real immersion into the profession, with the direct supervision of faculty.

Mexican student from Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP), Luis Manuel Ley Dominguez, chose HSL after being presented with a variety of institutions that  are partners with his home university. “I saw PUCRS featuring among some of the best universities in Brazil and that’s why I chose in Brazil as a destination for this international program,” the future doctor says. As for the experience, he claims that he has been able to learn a lot, both in terms of language and in everyday hospital practice. Dominguez, a surgeon-to-be, stresses the importance of experiencing Medicine, while having the chance to learn about a new culture.

This has also been quite an enriching experience for Colombian student Luis Andres, from Universidad Industrial de Santander. On his first visit to Brazil, Andres also stresses the importance of learning an additional language while experiencing the everyday life of a medical doctor in a different country.

Exchange of Ideas

According to Leonardo Viliano Kroth, the general coordinator of Medical internships, welcoming students from institutions from abroad for this program represents an opportunity for the exchange of ideas as well as teaching and learning. It also earns the institution some degree of visibility all over the world. “For PUCRS students, working with international students at our Medical School gets them to learn more as they can use languages other than Portuguese and exchange personal and professional experiences. It also opens up the possibility for our students to do internships in their institutions, through the existing agreements and connections with the students who were in our school”, he says.

The Academic Mobility team is available for further information about internships for international students at PUCRS São Lucas Hospital at [email protected].

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