Researchers from Italy teach a course in the Graduate Program in Psychology

International visitors discuss inclusion policies and good practice in psychology for the LGBTQ+ community

09/03/2023 - 09h56

Photos: Matheus Gomes

This week, PUCRS welcomed a group of professors from Sapienza Università di Roma and from Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, from Italy. The professors are at the university to teach the course titled LGBTQ+ Psychology in Developmental and Clinical Settings, which lasts five days, intended for students, researchers and professors from PUCRS and UFRGS at different levels of knowledge.

Professors Roberto Baiocco, Jessica Pistella, Agostino Carbore, Fiorenzo Laghi and Cristiano Scandurra teach the classes. The purpose of the training initiative is to spread the knowledge acquired by the Department on the studies of the LGBTQ+ community and to share the new sustainable models of local gender development in an inclusive and ecological perspective.

Among the themes presented in the course are the guidelines of sex and gender identities (LGBTQ+) and good practice and effective policies for the inclusion of sex and gender minorities in Brazil. They also discuss topics like heteronormativity and discrimination, health care for transgender and non-binary people and family relationship between people of the same sex.

The group of professors have as hosts the researchers from the School of Health and Life Sciences Angelo Brandelli Costa and Adriane Xavier Arteche. In a welcoming moment at the Office for International Cooperation (ECI), the group was greeted by the ECI’s Executive Coordinator to discuss partnership initiatives and to learn more about PUCRS’s infrastructure.

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