PUCRS professor publishes article in the World Association of Newspaper

Ana Cecília Nunes studies media innovation laboratories from all over the world

20/11/2018 - 09h21

Ana Cecília NunesAs a result from the partnership between the School of Communications, Arts and Design and the World Association of Newspaper (WAN-IFRA), Professor Ana Cecília Bisso Nunes was invited to publish some of the preliminary findings of her doctoral dissertation. She is being advised by professors Eduardo Pellanda (PUCRS) and João Canavilhas (Universidade Beira da Interior – UBI/Portugal), as part of the double degree program involving both universities. In a preliminary investigation in more than 100 media laboratories around the world, she found that whereas in North America and Europe most of them are located in universities or at in company laboratories, in Latin America, they are mostly independent or based in universities.

Ana Cecília NunesIn partnership with the Global Alliance for Media Innovation (GAMI), the innovation network of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), her dissertation is looking at the roles, challenges and findings of media innovation laboratories around the world. The article entitled Media Innovation Labs: In search of what media and news can become shows that these laboratories are looking at several projects, which include digital tools, new narratives and issues relevant to journalism such as fake news and access to digital and online information in remote areas. She still adds that these institutions are not only devoted to traditional media but many of them still have a broader view of what media is, as they are influenced by the MIT Media Lab.

The investigation is still in progress and new findings are expected to be added in the coming months, as she will be endeavoring quantitative research based on questionnaires with the media labs leaders. It will also include a case study.

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