PUCRS opens doors to 46 international mobility students this semester

Students introduced to University and Porto Alegre at Orientation Seminar

05/08/2019 - 08h23
Photos: Mariana Haupenthal

Photos: Mariana Haupenthal

The Orientation Seminar was the official welcome of the 46 new international mobility students to PUCRS this semester. They come from the following countries: Germany, Austria, Colombia, South Korea, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal and Sweden. From Jul 29 – 30, they had the chance to learn about the university’s systems, assessment criteria and did a tour of the Campus.

The program included an activity planned by the Amigos Universitários (University Buddies), volunteer students who were paired up with internationals during their stay in Porto Alegre. The program also included a city tour around Porto Alegre and a reception organized by the Office for International Cooperation.

Ready for the semester

Nikolas Schmid, from the Universität Salzburg, Austria, has come to PUCRS’ Law School following an indication from one of his professors who has cooperated with the institution. When asked about the expectations for the semester, Schmid reveals his intentions to brush up his Portuguese and make new friends.

On the other hand, Anamaría Caicedo Serrano, a Literature major at the Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia, was encouraged to come by her other classmates who had completed a mobility program in Brazil. “This is also a great opportunity to learn an additional language and learn about the culture of the country,” she adds.

Second time at PUCRS

2019_07_30_seminario_de_orientacao_alunos_internacionais(mariana_haupenthal)8Portuguese student Luís Daniel Magalhães da Silva Pinto, from Universidade do Porto, has come to PUCRS for the second time, in the academic mobility program. The Mechanical Engineering major, did an exchange at the Institution in 2016. In his view, the experience was so positive that he decided to come back. “I really enjoyed going to PUCRS. I saw an opportunity to add a powerful line to my rèsumè by completing some non-core curriculum courses to my curriculum at Porto,” he comments. In Magalhães’ view, his drive to becoming an executive aroused after he did a Marketing course at the Business School. Since then, he has been doing a number of things and digging into his studies to achieve his goal.

Internships and Practicum Work

Coupled with all students enrolled in courses at PUCRS’ Academic Schools, some others have chosen PUCRS as their destination for a professional experience. Over the course of this second semester, five students will be working in laboratories and research groups of the University. Five others will be doing internship at PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital, in an effort to internationalize different structures of the institution.

Other two students from Universidade Católica de Pernambuco will be staying at PUCRS for one semester through a national mobility program. Follow the academic mobility students on the Academic Mobility social media.

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