PUCRS and MCT win Top Of Mind award 2018

President, Senior Vice President and Museum's Director attended ceremony

31/05/2018 - 09h57

PUCRS and the Science and Technology Museum (MCT) have won the Top of Mind Porto Alegre in the categories Private University and Museums, respectively. The award Top of Mind Rio Grande do Sul recognized the most popular brands in the opinion of the locals of Rio Grande do Sul and Porto Alegre, in more than 100 categories.

Top of Mind 2018

President Br. Evilázio Teixeira and senior Vice President Dr Jaderson Costa da Costa with the PUCRS team in the ceremony Photo: Gustavo Granata

The ceremony was attended by the President Br. Dr Evilázio Teixeira, Senior Vice President Dr Jaderson Costa da Costa and the director of MCT, Prof. Dr Melissa Guerra Simões Pires. This is the fourth consecutive year the University has won the award. The Museum has won it before, too.

Research Methodology

What are the names that come to the minds of the gaúchos when they think of a certain type of product or service, or when they try to remember companies and professionals of reference? This is the question that was designed by Grupo Amanhã, developed by Engaje and posed to interviewees. The survey is intended to reveal the most popular brands according to the people of Rio Grande do Sul.

Interviews were conducted with people from seven different regions of the State of Rio Grande do Sul in view of the criteria set forth in the statistics of IBGE. People of all sexes aged between 16 – 70 years old in every social class (A/B, C and D/E) were interviewed. 1,200 Rio Grande do Sul consumers were surveyed from Jan 30 to Feb 21, 2018. The study was segmented into the categories Products, Services, Communication, Major Companies and Corporate.

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