Professors from France’s Université de Lorraine expand innovation actions in visit to the Business School

Visitors carried out activities in Erasmus+ Climate Labs

15/05/2023 - 16h50

Photo: Matheus Gomes

The Business School welcomed, at the start of May, France’s Université de Lorraine professors Mauricio Camargo and Laure Morel. Respectively, they are Manager of Technology and Innovation and Director of the National School of Engineering in Systems and Innovation (ENSGSI) and came to PUCRS to strengthen the research and innovation capacity in Latin America through co-creation laboratories for the mitigation and adaptation to climate change, in the scope of the Climate Labs project.

The international project includes actions from the Erasmus+ Program and made the professors’ visit to the University possible. PUCRS and Université de Lorraine participate in this project which seeks to strengthen research and innovation capacity of 10 universities in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, through the structuring and implementation of social innovation laboratories to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Mauricio and Laure were welcomed in the Office for International Cooperation by the Office’s executive coordinator Carla Bonan and by Business School professors Edimara Luciano, Clecio Araújo, and Laboratory for Capacities and Social Innovation (LENS) coordinator Lucas Roldan. The visitors then assessed the progress of the project based on an analysis about toe Laboratory for Capacities and Social Innovation (LENS), created at PUCRS to consolidate and develop entrepreneurial capacities with social actions, research projects, public-private partnerships, knowledge sharing, calls and consultations.

In their visit to PUCRS’s Science and Technology Park, the professors got together to expand LENS actions and animation structures of the innovation ecosystem. Later, Mauricio and Laure joined the Graduate Program in Business Administration to lecture to students and teachers on multilevel perspectives in Creativity, Spaces, Industry and Communities in Innovation.

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