Professor from the University of Palermo visits PUCRS

The purpose of the meeting with visiting professor Carmine Bianchi was to strengthen ties between the institutions

30/10/2023 - 15h04

Photo: Icaro Venzon

Professor from the Business School and the Graduate Program in Business Administration (PPGAd), Edimara Mezzomo Luciano, along with PUCRS’s Office for International Cooperation, welcomed professor Carmine Bianchi from Italy’s University of Palermo.

This meeting reinforces the partnership that was established 5 years ago between the institutions and reflects the success of the cooperations. Edimara has already been to the Italian university in 2022, and the professor has also visited Brazil in another opportunity to participate in academic activities in the Business School.

During the new visit to PUCRS, Bianchi discussed the possibility of celebrating an MoU between both universities, the proposal of a double degree program and the professor becoming a foreign research associated to PUCRS’s PPGAd.

For Edimara, this visit represents the rapprochement between the universities for projects and research with great potential for social transformation. “The partnership with professor Carmine Bianchi began in 2019, when he visited a CAPES Higher Studies School, and is resumed now, post-pandemic, with my visit to UNIPA in 2022, with actions focused on collaborative governance and social innovation, two themes that bring together the context of the cities of Porto Alegre and Palermo. The joint discussion of these two topics has a great potential for social impact, given that collaborative governance presents itself as a more effective way of facing wicked problems, based on the collaboration of public and private actors, which is reinforced with the presence of social innovations, one of the focuses of the research carried out by the PPGAd,” she completes.

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