Professor from the Catholic University of Portugal establishes cooperation at Famecos

Researcher Nelson Costa Ribeiro inaugurated the activities for the Graduate Program in Communication and taught a 15-hour course

03/04/2023 - 14h44

Photo: Matheus Gomes

In March, PUCRS welcomed professor from the Catholic University of Portugal Nelson Costa Ribeiro, through PUCRS’s CAPES-PrInt Program. The researcher joined the activities in the Graduate Program (PPG) in Communication with the purpose of consolidating the cooperation relationship between the universities, as well as giving a focused course on a theme that is highly relevant nowadays, and in which he is a specialist: Media, advertising, and misinformation.

In the priority theme World in Motion, Ribeiro taught five classes in a 15-hour course, discussing the impact of fake news in communication. In addition, the professor taught the opening class of the PPG in Communication in 2023, discussing the importance of journalism in times of uncertainty and participated in research groups alongside researcher from the School of Communications, Arts and Design (Famecos) Eduardo Pellanda.

According to Famecos professor Juremir Machado, the relationship between the Program and the Catholic University of Portugal began to strengthen in 2014, when professor Nelson Costa Ribeiro and professor Rita Filgueiras came to PUCRS. On the occasion, ideas were discussed regarding a permanent and extensive collaboration, as there are common spaces of interest and dialogue.

Machado explains that, currently, both partner institutions maintain a cooperation relationship through PUCRS-PrInt, under professor Pellanda’s responsibility. In this relationship, the doctorate student from the PPG in Communication Fernanda Cristine Vasconcelos took a sandwich doctorate in the Portuguese university, advised by professor Juremir Machado and co-advised by professor Nelson Costa Ribeiro, with a double degree in 2021.

“Our intention is that this relationship becomes progressively fruitful in the sense of make it easier to meet the students’ demands, for example, in the field of cotutelles and double degrees,” concluded professor Machado.

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