Professor from Australia’s La Trobe University teaches opening class for the Graduate Program in Education

Researcher Betty Peask discussed the importance of internationalization in the curriculum

09/05/2023 - 16h57

Photo: Divulgation

At the end of April, professor from La Trobe University’s School of Education, from Melbourne, Australia, Betty Leask taught the opening class for PUCRS’s Graduate Program in Education. With the support of the Center of Internationalization Brazil-Australia (Ciebraus), the professor discussed the Internationalization of the Curriculum in a Complex World in an open online event, the recording of which is available on YouTube.

Betty is a researcher, consultant, and leader in curriculum internationalization, education, and learning in higher education themes. The opportunity of participating in the opening class presented itself through a collaborative initiative between Ciebraus, Curtin University, La Trobe University, and the Australian Embassy, which allowed for the establishment and development of a Latin American network and a virtual community of professionals, specialists, and leaders in the field of internationalization of the curriculum at home.

The activity was coordinated by School of Humanities professors and researchers Bettina Steren dos Santos and Alexandre Anselmo Guilherme, and included the participation of students from Brazil, Australia, and Latin America. Professor Betty has already worked in partnership with PUCRS in the IoCLATAM project, an unprecedented initiative between PUCRS and the Australian Embassy in Brazil whose purpose was to become a reference hub in internationalization of education for Latin America.

Click here and watch the recording available online.

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