PhD in Dentistry from PUCRS selected for prestigious program abroad

Marcel Kunrath selected for grant by Osteology Foundation, Sweden

23/06/2021 - 14h41

Marcel Kunrath, a former PhD student from the Graduate Program in Dentistry has been selected for a grant from the Osteology Foundation and will receive funding for his studies in Sweden. The researcher will be doing research into dental implants at the Department of Biomaterials of the University of Gothenburg, coordinated by Professor Christer Dahlin. The department is considered one of the best centers in the world in the area. Besides him, only three other researchers, from different countries, were awarded the grant in 2021.

Kunrath, who is currently working on his postdoctoral studies at the School of Health and Life Sciences, claims to be motivated to cooperate and explore all the learning possibilities of the department, which is a pioneer in implants and osseointegration. “I hope to improve my skills and knowledge in the area of biomaterials, investigating new materials that can improve the quality of clinical treatments”, he adds.

Photo: personal archive

For the coordinator of the Graduate Program in Dentistry Dr. Maria Martha Campos, this is the first time an alumnus of the program earns such recognition. “This show the excellent training our students receive and our remarkable curriculum, with a high level of scientific production, in collaboration with several PUCRS laboratories”, she celebrates.

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