Newcastle University researcher carries out activities regarding virtual exchange

Professor Müge Satar took part in technical mission through the PUCRS-PrInt Program

29/11/2022 - 13h51

PUCRS representatives and professor Müge Satar / Photo: release

In the last week, PUCRS welcomed Newcastle University (United Kingdom) professor and researcher Müge Satar. The visitor took part in a technical mission at PUCRS through the PrInt Program and joined activities especially involving the Graduate Program in Education. The network of collaboration between PUCRS and the Newcastle University, a member of the Russell Group, is long-standing and is being held at the School of Humanities’ Higher Education Study Center (CEES). The visit took place by means of the invitation made by professor Marília Morosini, who sustains an academic relationship with Newcastle University, developing the specific theme of Internationalization of Higher Education.

During her time at PUCRS, Müge Satar taught a 15 hour class at the PPGEdu on Virtual Exchange and the connection with Internationalization at Home. In addition, she led a webinar on the subject for the Marist International Network of Higher Education. The visitor also stopped by the Office for International Cooperation and took part in research meetings with processors and students from PUCRS.

Meeting at the International Cooperation Office / Photo: Mariana Haupenthal

According to researcher Marilia Morosini, one way to provide the students with an international experience within the campus itself is through virtual exchange. “Professor Müge Satar demonstrates the importance and the role of the virtual exchange in Internationalization at Home (IaH), illustrating the positive repercussions developed in students through perceived self-esteem, curiosity, intercultural sensibility, reflection on beliefs and behaviors and an ability to see the complexity of intercultural communication,” she comments.

After this visit, new collaborations between both universities should move forward, with the possibility of expanding into other fields of knowledge in the University, sending students out to Newcastle University for sandwich doctorates, and the visitor’s participation in an online board in March 2023.

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