International students finish academic exchange at PUCRS

Farewell event gathered 28 students from 10 countries who were carrying out academic mobility at the University this semester

30/11/2023 - 09h38

Photo: Gabriel Pedroso

In the past week, the Office for International Cooperation promoted a farewell event with the 28 international students who were at the University for on-site academic mobility this semester. The group consisted of students from 10 countries: Germany, Austria, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Japan, Mexico and Sweden.

The event gathered the students, the Academic Mobility team and University Buddies at the Leisure Center (Building 22). In addition to a cocktail reception and the delivery of souvenirs, a video with photographs of various moments throughout the semester opened the event. The Office’s coordinator, Carla Bonan, praised the students’ development and stressed that what they experienced and learned will stay with them during their academic training.

For Kyuzo Kato, student from Sophia University, in Japan, the international experience was life-changing. “I stayed for two semesters at PUCRS and could learn things I wouldn’t have had to opportunity to in Japan. It was wonderful being here,” celebrated the student of the Japanese Institution’s Department Luso-Brazilian Studies.

Ana Karina Fuentes Tabuada / Photo: Gabriel Pedroso

For the communication student Ana Karina Fuentes Tabuada, from Uniminuto, in Colombia, the opportunity of personal and academic development was life-changing as well. “My academic experience this semester was incredible. I could learn, make friends and get to know different cultures. Moments I will always cherish,” she added.

In addition to the international students who were at the PUCRS campus, 83 other students participated remotely in activities in 2023/2. Courses such as Portuguese for Foreigners, Special Education and Inclusive Process and Marketing Strategies and Influencers welcomed students from 6 countries.

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