International experience: 48 students embark upon face-to-face academic mobility in 2022/2

Students from different Academic Schools at PUCRS heading for 26 partner universities in 10 countries

25/07/2022 - 10h01

Photos: Matheus Gomes

Earlier this month, PUCRS offered a pre-departure orientation for the 48 students who be leaving abroad on the academic mobility program in 2022/2. Germany, Canada, Spain, USA, France, UK, Italy, Japan, Portugal and Sweden are their countries of destination. Overall, 26 partner institutions will be home to our students.

The session was delivered by PUCRS’ Office for International Cooperation and included academic and travel tips as well as cultural aspects of those countries. The program allows students to attend one or two semesters at an accredited institution and transfer the credits taken into the original course of study at PUCRS.

History major Carolina Repenning is heading for Science Po Aix, in France, and hopes to improve her French and internationalize her academic career. Computer Science major Renan Frantz is preparing for his exchange at Uppsala University, Sweden, where he seeks to experience a new culture.

Nathalia Pozzobon Brum (Psychology major) and Valentina Contri Bertoni (Law School student) met during the pre-departure orientation and are ready to embark upon on a study experience in the same destination: Universidade de Coimbra, in Portugal. “I have many expectations, I’ve always wanted to enroll in a mobility program and study abroad. I believe it will be amazing both academically and personally and I hope to be someone new in the end”, Nathalia adds.

Academic Mobility in 2023

Students interested in academic mobility in 2023 can begin their application for the program next week. There will be more than 150 seats for 17 countries. The first call will include 19 institutions; the second, 32. Follow Mobilidade Acadêmica on social media.

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