Doctoral Internship at Newcastle University studies 20th Century Identity and Republic in Uruguay

PhD student Camila Ruskowski is in UK on PUCRS-PrInt to return in March

10/01/2020 - 08h15

Photo: Personal archive

Camila Ruskowski, a student in the Graduate Program in History, is doing a doctoral research internship at Newcastle University, in the UK, on an Institutional Project of Internationalization (PUCRS-PrInt) grant. The student took off in Oct 2019 and will be in the UK University until Mar 2020. Her project is embraced by the theme World in Motion: Individual and Society, as she studies 20th century identity and republic in Uruguay as well as intellectual Pedro Figari. Camila is working on the cooperation project The Hidden Matrix of Violence in Modern Times: Crisis of Otherness, Morale and Ethics, coordinated by Professor Ruth Gauer.

At PUCRS, Camila is being advised by Professor Marçal de Menezes Paredes; at Newcastle, by Professor Jens Hentschke, President of the Latin American Studies Society in the United Kingdom. Camila met Hentschke at a course he taught at PUCRS. The way she sees it, it shows the connection between Newcastle University and PUCRS research. The cooperation activities between both institutions include mobility of students and faculty.

To Camila’s mind, this experience abroad is enriching in a multitude of ways: “The possibility of connecting with different methodologies and scholars, as well as an immersion into multiple cultures of researchers, faculty and students, not only British ones, is extremely fruitful,” she says. She believes that this research opportunity will increase her network and perspectives of historical analysis.

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