Academic mobility at PUCRS: understand what it is and how to participate

Program offers the possibility of studying abroad for up to two semesters

24/01/2023 - 10h46

Photo: Matheus Gomes

Have you ever thought about spending one semester studying in another country, experiencing new cultures and even improving your curriculum? PUCRS’s Academic Mobility Program works with several higher education institutions from all around the world, allowing the student to remain abroad for up to two semesters. Now, if you already have an idea of where you want to go, but want to better understand how academic mobility works, see below everything you need to know to internationalize your journey here at PUCRS.

What is the difference between OUT and IN academic mobility?

Experiencing an academic exchange is a possibility both for PUCRS students who dream of studying abroad and for students from universities abroad who want to come to Brazil. Internationalization in the curriculum is valued and recommended, according to Sandra Mino, administrative coordinator at PUCRS’s Office for International Cooperation.

“Academic mobility contributes to the improvement of the student in various fields of knowledge. In addition to enriching the academic curriculum, it allows the student to practice another language, get to know different cultures and customs, make new friends and acquire a new world view,” Sandra points out.

OUT Mobility: when the student goes abroad

In OUT mobility, derived from outgoing, which refers to those who leave, PUCRS students can study in any international institution with a partnership with PUCRS. Every semester, announcements of preselection are released with the number of positions available and the required documentation. With the approval of the partner university, the trip happens in the semester following the submission, and allows the student to use the credits obtained during their exchange once they return to PUCRS.

IN Mobility: when the student comes from abroad

In addition to giving students the opportunity to study abroad, PUCRS also welcomes international students every semester through the IN mobility (derived from incoming, referring to those who enter). The presence of the students promotes the internationalization of the campus, allowing PUCRS students to get in touch with different cultures and languages. Integration activities are organized throughout the semester so that these students can make the most of their study experience in Brazil.

At the end of this period, PUCRS will forward to the student’s home university a academic record with the classes and credits taken, in addition to the grades obtained in the Brazilian grading system. International students also have the opportunity to experience short-term IN Mobility, with the purpose of strengthening their professional training and their technical and sociocultural development.

Photo: Matheus Gomes

How can international students study at PUCRS?

  1. The student must show interest and verify the requirements and the selection process at the International Office of their home institution;
  2. Once selected by the home institution, the following documents will be required: application form and study plan filled and signed, copy of the passport and updated academic record. The student can find the options for classes in the “Curriculum” section of the website of their respective course at PUCRS:
  3. The home institution’s International Office must send the application documents through e-mail following PUCRS’s deadlines: up to April 30th for the August-December semester and October 15th for the March-July semester;
  4. After the documents are submitted, the student must want around 15 calendar days for the application to be assessed and the acceptance letter to be issued;
  5. After receiving the acceptance letter (by e-mail and mail), the student must provide the student visa (mandatory), health insurance (mandatory), plane tickets, accommodation etc.

International internships

PUCRS offers the possibility for international students to take internships in some of the companies established at the Science and Technology Park (Tecnopuc) or in partner companies in the city. It is also possible to participate in internship programs and research in laboratories and research centers and groups within the several spaces in campus with direct supervision from PUCRS professors.

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